Universal Studios Orlando
Universal Studios Orlando

Agent Quiz


Interaction Designer




Universal tasked us with creating a new campaign to help educate travel agents on all the offerings within the park, as well as get them excited to sell it.


As the content they provide can be very dry, I wanted to create an interactive quiz that focused more on the fun, youthful image Universal wanted to portray. As with all projects at Travel Leaders, we had no development team, so the designers had to rely on either WordPress or Ceros to make online experiences.


I decided to use Ceros to create the quiz, because it provided me with the level of interactivity and animation I needed.I made the experience of taking the quiz more fun and immersive by adding unique transitions between questions.


The biggest issue I faced in this, was file size with all the video and images. It took a lot of tweaking to get the images high-res enough for all devices, but low file size so it still ran smooth on most connections. Another serious issue with Ceros is the complete lack of accessibility. We had almost no ability to make these experiences accessible for screen readers or keyboard users.