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Lead UI/UX Designer




In 2018 Travel Leaders tasked our team to make the website more appealing to investors, navigable for press, and informative for potential customers.


I had previously made the TLC website (a subsidiary of TLG), but this site was stepping up the majors. Stakeholders for this project were everyone from local PR reps, up to the CEO of TLG, so there was a very wide rage of buy-in that needed to happen…the phrase “too many cooks…” came to mind a lot.


Learning from the TLC website design, we established a clear POC within the company who could get ahold of high level stakeholders, or make decisions on their behalf. This simplified many things, and moved the project along quicker.

The website itself was based on the TLG branding, but with some more modern accents. We added curves to separate any sections we could to represent our global reach, as well as give the site character.

The site was designed with six major user types in mind, which are represented under the “Who Am I” tab (investors were not listed). For the record, I fought very hard to not use “Who Am I”. Each user type has a different end goal when on this site, so we needed distinct journeys for each.

Slider before image Slider after image

Despite the direct POC for stakeholder input, we still struggled with too many cooks in the kitchen. The POC should have been chosen more carefully or handled better, as this particular person was not very web-savvy and tended to give bad direction.

I struggled heavily on this project, as I took on a junior designer to help me, who caused a few problems. At the time I was still learning to manage creatives, and had yet to encounter a large ego. This was a very big and very painful learning curve for me.