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Visual Designer
UX Designer
Project Manager




The Hotels team originally approached me with the idea of a presentation, but in talking to them, I realized that a micro-site would be a better solution.


The team needed an informational packet that they could both use to present to potential clients, as well as a leave behind. They had a short timeline, no budget, and plenty of scope creep.


In order to build and deploy the site quickly and cheaply, I built it using Ceros, an interactive design tool. The site was built so it could work well as a presentation tool, with large beautiful images, but also as a leave behind with the ability to drill down to get details.


The scope creep on this project ended up being the largest issue. Ceros projects are built more like a file in Illustrator, so they don’t scale well if you need to change things. Ceros may have been the best tool available, but better project management could have flushed out some of the creep before it became a problem.