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The RONIN System is an application LD Systems sells, that was developed for battlefield situational awareness and communication simplification.


Upon talking to the client, I learned the marketing materials from the app developers spoke to other developers, rather than the top-brass that make the decision on purchases like these. This client didn’t have the budget for me to bring in copywriters and photographers, so any work would be done by me.


It was clear that the marketing materials were a bit too technical for top-brass to bother reading, so I broke down the information to bite-sized feature call-outs, and used real world examples when I could. The end of the booklet had a ‘real-world’ scenario showing how the application would increase situational awareness and communication when used in a battle.

All copy was written by me and stock photography was leveraged to match LD Systems design style.


For the budget and timeframe, I was very happy with how this turned out. I think the ‘real-world scenario’ could have been more visual, breaking it out over several pages. This might have made it more skimmable for decision makers with little time.

I also wish I could have actually worked with the application development team to get better screenshots. While we had permission to make this, I don’t think their team was excited about it, so I didn’t get quality assets.