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UI/UX Designer
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This website was part of a multi-million dollar contract with RCI. The hub website would function as a mini-site, driving our database of customers to learn more about RCI and book with one of the Travel Leaders agents.

RCI Home page


As with most Travel Leaders projects, a short timeline (4 months) and no development team meant anything that was to be built was by the team of designers. The level of interactivity and multimedia needed to be very high to meet internal and client expectations.


RCI wanted to show that they had something for everyone, so the team came up with a theme of Thrills & Chills, and we based the entire campaign around that.

With 80% of our customers using mobile devices, we wanted to build mobile first – desktop friendly. I built out a site that felt a little more like a mini-app to give the user a fun experience while feeding them all the information they needed. We used the theme of thrill and chill options for all the pillars the site was built on.


The project went through a lot of redesigns early on, the project fell behind schedule by several weeks. With a very small team working on this, the pages that were left to the end suffered in quality, and many edits I wanted to make were left unmade.

With better project management and a slightly larger team, the project could have looked a lot better all around.

This is another example of a site that could have been as fun and exciting, while making it a bit more timeless. When I look at the site, some of it looks like a hot mess to me.