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Every year at the Global Business Travel Association annual conference Travel Leaders Corporate purchases a large booth spot and tries to secure new business.

On the heels of the new TLC website, they tasked our team with designing a totally new booth, and me in particular with creating a unique interactive experience.


The main issue I had making the interactives was that I never got to see the touch-screens or test in large scale. We had limited information on the touch screens, as we were renting them. I built these based off little more that pixel dimensions and a rough blue-print style drawing of the pillar itself.


I decided to make four interactive mini-sites that were highly-interactive, inviting the users to play and spend more time at our booth.

I used an enterprise-level web app called Ceros to design and develop the interactives, then they were exported and hosted locally on the touch screen computers.


I wasn’t able to attend the conference and play with these, but based on feedback, the touch-screens are so tall, that anything at the top and especially the bottom of the screen are not easily reachable to interact with.

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