Explore Australia Today



Tourism Australia approached Travel Leaders about a Highly Targeted Campaign featuring several select suppliers packages.

Our campaign, Explore Australia Today, consisted of a website-hub, four direct mailer print pieces and four consumer emails, all based around the theme of five pillars and unobstructed beauty.


The website was the first thing created, and helped set the style and tone for the campaign.

We split the interest points into five pillars: WILDLIFE, CUISINE, CITIES, OCEAN and LANDSCAPE. For each pillar, we assigned a color scheme based off the TA logo colors. This color theme ran throughout the whole campaign and helped distinguish each section of the site.

Throughout the entire site, the primary CTA drove consumers to contact their agent to book a trip. Typically, we have a feed of agents to contact, but this particular project didn’t include that in the scope, so we had to hope they would jump from the site to calling the agent listed on their mailer.


Travel Leaders runs Highly Targeted Campaigns for a select few clients, that uses our database of travel-saavy consumers to create truly unique mailers. These mailersĀ  creatively feature the consumers information, as well as a call to action sending them directly to their local travel agent.

The print campaign kicked off with a postcard mailer. This was a sleeve holding 6 postcards. The outside of the sleeve was personalized with the recipients name and a geo-targeted message. Inside was an intro postcard that set up the idea of the 5 pillars, then a postcard featuring each of those pillars to introduce the consumers to the unseen side of Australia. Each cover used Tourism Australias amazing photos and built the titles into the images, so as not to hide the beauty of Australia with type, reenforcing that nothing comes between you and the sights. The mailer panel showcased the consumers home state outline and a dotted line leading them to Australia.

A month later, mailer two dropped. This was a mini magazine, that was a mixture of Editorial and Advertorial content. Once again, we featured big beautiful photos with titles blended into them, as well as personalized messaging. For the fourth mailer, we did something very similar to this mini-mag, but with slightly different branding to tie in with the Dundee campaign that was running at that time.

The third mailer was a fold out poster map that went on a theme of the consumers desk while planning out an Australian adventure. The cover has a plane ticket that displays the consumers name and local airport, so it looks like an actual ticket of theirs. The rest of the mailer is littered with post-it notes about things they want to do in Australia.


The B2C emails were the last part in the Explore Australia Today campaign. There were four emails total, that started as simple beautiful informational emails, then got more and more focused on the offers from the partners. This kept the consumers from feeling spammed by four sales emails.

Each email used a large gif header featuring subtle motion, giving a slow paced feeling to the emails. Theres no need to rush in Australia, you’ve got time to linger.