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Tourism Australia

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UI/UX Designer
Visual Designer




Tourism Australia approached Travel Leaders about a Highly Targeted Campaign featuring several select suppliers packages.

The campaign, Explore Australia Today, consisted of a website-hub, four direct mailer print pieces and four consumer emails.


On the scale of Highly-Targeted Campaigns, this one had a very small budget. As a new designer at Travel Leaders, the creative director let me off the leash to test me on this “small” project. One of the largest challenges was that 99% of the images & videos of the Sydney Opera House are editorial images only.


The campaign was split into the five pillars of authentic Australia: WILDLIFE, CUISINE, CITIES, OCEAN and LANDSCAPE. For each pillar, we assigned a color scheme based off the TA logo colors. This color theme ran throughout the whole campaign and helped distinguish each section of the site.

The website was highly visual, relying on large beautiful images and videos to show just how gorgeous Australia is. The website got users excited about many of the lesser-known activities and locations, then drove them to contact one of our travel agents.

The print campaign also featured large beautiful images, but to make the mailers stand out from all the other junk mail we sent, we came up with unique styled mailers. These included envelopes holding post cards, a fold out map, and mini advertorial magazines.

The email campaign was similar, but used large gifs with very subtle movement. The minimal movement saved us a ton of file size on the images, but gave the otherwise static emails a breath of life.


This was my first large-scale campaign that spanned web, print and email, so saying I learned a lot is understatement. The largest learning was in the email campaign, where we had abysmal click through rates in the first email. With each email we revised and iterated to try to drive more contact with the travel agents. Happy to say the last email was much more successful.