Crowd-sourced Projects

This article got a lot longer than I intended, so here’s a short version for people that don’t want to read the whole thing…

reBaked : crowd-sourced projects.

Great for people looking to get something made, but don’t have the know-how or contacts to get it done.

Great for designers with extra time and actual talent.

For designers:

Bad: The site basically takes spec work, which is bad. You can get paid very little for your work. Also very bad.

No one manages the client, bad, bad, bad.

Good: Good work is rewarded. No low-ball over-seas offers that make you want to rip your hair out.



What The Hell Are You Talking About?

I recently ran across a website that offers a pretty unique approach to getting a project done.

It’s called reBaked, and it’s a brand spanking new website that allows users to put projects up and be completed by an online team.

The site is so new that it’s actually using it’s own platform to get a facelift.


How It Works For a Project Manager

A project manager type, goes on the website and sets up a project. This project has a time limit and a budget, and reBaked takes 10% of the budget off the top.

Then once they publish it, collaborators start bidding to get on the team. This is generally a low amount, around $20, as you have to do literally NOTHING to get this money.

If you’re smart, you look at their profile page, and maybe dig into their personal website to make sure they’re a good fit.

Then you build your dream team! People submit ideas and you reward them if you like it.

You can interact in a project forum and have as much or as little contact as you’d like. Once the project finishes, you disperse the rest of the budget to those deserving and walk away with a crowd-sourced project.


How It Works For Collaborators

I hopped onto the website redesign about halfway through the time limit, so I haven’t seen a project run from the beginning.

If the project manager just selects random users to join, you’ll have a really wide variety of skill levels and specialties. I’ve seen everything from professional design to legit MS Paint copy and paste work.

The project moves along at a very interesting pace. It’s a lot of misses and slower pace for a bit, but once someone hits an idea that gets a good sized bonus ($100+) people start using that design as a starting point, and the pace quickens.

In this project at least, it seems like a lot of designers that weren’t hitting the mark, just gave up, and the project has been left to the people that perform well.

I’ll have to give an update on the payout when the project ends, but it’s supposedly very easy and fast.


What This Means for Designers

I know quite a few people that would frown, shake heads and scream at this kind of website.

You are putting out spec work basically, and this is never great. The good thing is, if that work is quality you will most likely get some money.

You’re guaranteed that initial bid, which is nice. The thing I really like, is that I won’t get low-balled by some one in India like with elance, 99designs and fiverr.

HATE HATE HATE those sites. They make me feel dirty and cheap.

reBaked, not so much, since good design is rewarded.

There are a few other problems that I hope they can work out.


The client is project managing. This is terrible, because there isn’t a professional keeping them reigned in. They can get out of control, off topic, and far from the design brief. The site redesign saw so many initial comps without any refinement of parts the client liked. This wasted a lot of peoples time and got the client off track. Eventually something great was submitted and snapped everyone back on track, but this won’t always happen.

I can’t even imagine the lawsuits with copyright that will come out of this site. The site owners look pretty well protected, but I don’t know as many designers understand font licences, or would have a problem straight up stealing work. It’s GOING to end badly for some people, no doubt in my mind.

Once a designer hits a great idea thats bonused, the project manager will probably comment and say what they like and what they don’t. Then it’s a race against time for the first designer that can take that idea (most times not their own) and update it to please the client. They will most likely then get rewarded for following basic instructions. This leaves the original, creative thinker only getting part of the bonus money. On the site redesign, another collaborator found an idea that resonated and was bonused by the client. The client then asked for changes and I felt really bad making them when it was their idea in the first place. You have to be fast to get money on this site, and understand someone might steal your idea and run with it.


You wont get low-balled by shitty designers, or people over-seas.

Good design is rewarded.

Great for designers with extra time on their hands, and need extra money.

No having to draw a contract, proposal, and design brief (guess that’s also a con).




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