Awesome Graphic Design Videos

What Clients Don’t Know (…And Why It’s Your Fault)

By Mike Monteiro

Everything that’s wrong is your fault, and that’s fantastic news, because you can fix it. Now let’s go drink beer.

It’s our job to convince site owners and stake-holders that what we’re doing is going to work.


F*ck You. Pay Me

By Mike Monteiro & his Lawyer

…more than anything, I would like designers to stop being bottoms, and realize how much power they actually have…

Starting work without a contract is like putting a condom on after you’ve taken a home pregnancy test.


Doing What You Love

By Sean McCabe

‘It’s not like you hate what you do.’ This sentence will hold you back…

If you’re saying ‘I don’t have time.’ At the very least, you’re not being honest with yourself.



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