Step up your game!

You’ve been limping by for a while with your sisters friends son designing for you (he took a few classes in high school),
and you’ve never been happy with it.

It’s time to make the dive and hire someone that can really help you grow your business.

Why the heck do I need this guy?



Montana Meat Co.

Montana Meat Co.

LD Systems

LD Systems

People and Carnivores

People and Carnivores


Whatcha’ lookin’ for?

If you’ve got a project, chances are I can help you. Take a peek at what I can do.

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Think of your company as a person.

You need a great face to match the soul.

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Motion Graphics

Watching your logo come to life is a beautiful thing.

Explaining your complex company in a short video is even better.

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Print Media

When you press the flesh, you’ll need some analog materials.

Make a great first impression.

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What Else Can I Do?

Is this guy what I’m looking for?

With graphic designers, you have a lot of choices. You can hire an agency, or go with a freelancer. While some companies are better off with an agency, most small businesses benefit greatly from using a freelancer. Here’s a few reasons why it might be smarter for you to choose me.

What you see, designed by me

My portfolio is mine and mine alone. So you get the same work you see.
Larger agencies have lots of designers. If you like a certain design they made, you might not get the same designer that made that, working on your job. Heck, they might not even work there anymore.

Lower Prices

This is a big deal for most small businesses.
Design firms have some cool toys, and lots of great staff, but that amounts to large overhead and large invoices. I don’t have as much overhead, so I can charge a rate that won’t break the bank.

Straight to the point

When you meet with your account manager, you meet with the lead designer.
I’m it! My company is just me, so you don’t have to work through an account manager. Nothing’s lost in translation by getting handed down the chain. If something’s not right, you’ll have my cell number to tell me directly.

Don’t take my word for it!

“In my opinion, Colin’s design skills, passion for technology and strong work ethic make him an excellent candidate for a design-related position as well any future schooling he might consider. He is a highly creative and highly motivated individual and will be a great asset to any organization.”


Drew Schug

Web Design & Inbound Marketing Professional

“This guy has been an MVP in helping grow our business from the early stages. Colin picked up on our essence and ran with it to create the face of our company. Couldn’t be happier.
He’s created a ton of value in our brand, while stepping into new realms for both of us – like creating value-added product packaging, motion graphics, and specific customer oriented promo materials. Colin wasn’t afraid to get involved with other aspects of projects (aside from design), and saw them through to completion.
Couldn’t have got off the ground without him. You da man, Colin!”


Garl Germann

President at Montana Meat Co.

“We love working with Colin. He is very responsive and always delivers a professional product. We’ve been using him for our design work for several years now, and consider him part of the team!”


Hannah Rasker

People and Carnivores

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